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In 1913, Henry Ford constructed the very first assembly line for mass production of automobiles, which is considered to be the world's first automobile production line

In 1913, Henry Ford constructed the very first assembly line for mass production of automobiles, which is considered to be the world's first automobile production line. Henry Ford's revolutionary work in the automotive industry led to a dramatic reduction in the use of labor-intensive production practices, which paved the way for the development of mass production.



Since 1913, a variety of improvements have been made to processes in industry, with the objectives of making them more effective, faster, and more affordable.


The Vertical Lift Module and a Few of its Most Defining Traits


- Even though it is frequently referred to as an automated vertical carousel storage and retrieval system, the Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is, in essence, just an upgraded delivery elevator

- This is despite the fact that it is frequently referred to as such

- The vertical carousel is another name for the VLM that is commonly used

- To begin, picture two walls that are facing each other and consist of vertical storage shelves that range in height from twenty to one hundred feet

- The shelves are spaced twenty to one hundred feet apart

- Following this, either an elevator or an electrical lift will be installed in the space that is currently occupied by the gap between the two rows of facing shelves

The elevator, which is also commonly known as a lift, makes its way along the walls of the building as it travels from floor to floor. Because the user's safety and security are of the utmost importance, the entire wall and lift system have been completely enclosed.

Carousels that revolve in a vertical plane in AustraliaInclude a Wide Variety of Extra Features and Functions

On the other hand, the purchase of a Vertical Lift Module will set you back a considerable amount more money. In the following, we will discuss some of the most vital elements of this automated vertical carousel system, which contribute significantly to the revolutionary nature of the overall design.

The Dynamic Storage Sensors that are housed in the Vertical Lift Modules are responsible for measuring the heights of the products while they are being stored on their shelving trays.

After that, the software that came pre-installed on the lift performs the necessary calculations to determine the height measurements, after which it instructs the VLM to dynamically store its trays in a manner that is as close as 1 inch to the height of the tray's tallest product. This design makes the most of the available space for storage by eliminating the empty space that would normally be found between the shelves.


It is possible to design Vertical Lift Modules with trays that are capable of holding different weight load capacities on the same shelf. This is something that can be done. This allows for a greater variety of items to be stored on the same shelf, which is convenient. Any tray can be subdivided into multiple compartments by utilizing dividers, bins, or boxes of varying sizes.

Single Tray

A VLM's output configuration can either be a single tray or a pair of trays, depending on the user's preferences. One type of mechanism is referred to as a "single tray output," and it is characterized by a lift that selects one tray at a time and then passes it on to the operator.

Dual tray picking is made a great deal less difficult when there is an output for both trays simultaneously.

The lift is delivering one tray to its destination while also picking up another tray from the location where it was dropped off.


An operator bay that is located outside of the aperture of the unit is referred to as an external bay. This type of operator bay is known as an external bay. Vertical carousels (buy them here) provides its operators with the most accommodating and ergonomically sound working environment that is even remotely imaginable. The selected items are transported via lift to the outside storage area where they will be kept.

Keeping Track of the Minute Parts

The utilization of a picking scale for the purpose of performing a count on items of a more diminutive size is yet another possibility. The scale is able to communicate with the software of the unit, which has already been pre-programmed with the inventory SKU numbers for the parts. Additionally, the software of the unit is able to communicate with the scale.

Picking Aids

There is a selection of available options for indicating items through the use of electronic and visual aids, which include the following:

Bar Code Scanners

An indication of the location of the object that has been selected is provided by an LED light bar that is situated on the front of the VLM unit. This affords the picker the opportunity to carry out either image confirmation or visual confirmation of the item.

Put-to-light is a system that simplifies the management of extremely large quantities of inventory by dividing it up into smaller, more manageable consumer orders. Through the use of a variety of light-emitting devices, the system provides employees with instructions on how to incorporate individual customers' products from a larger batch into their orders.

A laser pointer is a piece of equipment that emits a concentrated beam of light and can be directed in any direction. When a tray is brought to the operator bay, a laser pointer will illuminate the particular bin or box that contains the item that is to be selected. This allows the operator to quickly find what they need. Some of the solutions include inventory management systems, in addition to a wide range of other remarkable capabilities. On the other hand, the configuration of the software that controls the warehouse is always carried out with the assistance and input of the customer. In most cases, trained staff members are required to install VLM Software. The software was developed so that it could communicate with common enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like ASCII, DRC, XML, and so on.

What are the ways in which the company will benefit from the utilization of VLMS?

Increasing the Capacity of StorageWhile Minimizing Space Use

There's no getting around the fact that the price of real estate is quite high. Going vertical could be the solution to your problem if you don't want to spend the additional money on moving to a larger storage facility or renting more storage space than you currently have.

If you use the software and picking aids that were described above, you will see a significant reduction in the number of accurate picking errors, if not an elimination of them entirely. Because of this, there will be fewer things to do, the company will have more free time, and the customers will be happier.

Effort and productivity that are both higher than before

The amount of time spent picking can be cut down significantly, leading to an increase in production, which is one of the most significant benefits that can be provided by a VLM.

Increased Frequency of Tray Replacement

You might be able to process as many as 190 trays in one hour with an accuracy that is unmatched by any other piece of equipment, but this depends on the size of the machinery. The picking times should be much shorter in general, but cycle times are affected by a unit's height, capacity, and setup. You should expect much shorter picking times.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Safety, Together with Improvements

The user will have the option to have the item presented to them at a level that is comfortable for them. Because of this, it is no longer necessary for a user to lift a heavy object while reaching, bending, or twisting their body, or while working from a ladder. Instead, they can simply use a lifting device instead. Employers can reduce costs associated with worker's compensation and legal fees, as well as the costs associated with employee downtime, by reducing the amount of downtime their employees experience.

If you are first aware of the available options and then modify those options to meet your requirements, you will be able to determine the most effective course of action for your material handling. This will allow you to determine the most effective course of action for your material handling. In either scenario, don't be afraid to get in touch with a storage expert who specializes in automated vertical carousels. They can help you figure out the best way to organize your space.